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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Wikimania I won't attend

The wikimania I won't attend
by christopher j. bradley

I won't attend wikimania this year,
as I didn't last year,
without a ticket to Frankfurt,
without a ticket to Harvard.

I thought I'd be going,
I honestly did,
from the outset last year,
It looked like a hot ticket.

This year, it just looks like a mess,
of absolute chaos,
Harvard is big,
but is it big enough to hold Unwashed masses
from New York City?

This is bigger than a few people,
this is bigger than a cultural following,
it's more of a revolution,
And all sorts of strange stuff can happen in the middle,
of a revolution,
There's know telling what kind of street virus,
I might bring home on my laptop.

In any case,
With all that said,
I still honored the founder with my interview of him,
and I wish them luck and joy in their festivities,
They will just not be mine,
this year,
But that's only this year.


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