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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Winter 2003

Winter 2003
by Christopher J. Bradley
July 12, 2006

In winter of 2003,
I found a girlfriend,
or rather a girlfriend found me,
In a parking lot,
Outside a coffee shop,
Under the strangest of circumstances.

She had blond hair,
long blonde hair, and blue eyes,
She was named after a song,
I thought it was Rick Springfield,
But it was someone else's song.

In any case,
She was beautiful,
I remember - she was 26 going on 27,
And we felt each other in my car...
She let me brush her hair while listening to techno music,
We called the radio station and told them,
I was brushing her hair...

They wanted more intimate details,
But we wouldn't give them any,
They always want more intimate details.

I took her that winter,
for a ride to a rave party in Toronto,
Thinking I was done with it years before,
But realizing you never really escape that hotel,
Because all there is is drinking, dancing, drugs, and the other things,
Fortunately, I managed to escape the drinking and the drugs that night.

We spent an hour or so making out in a car off the Queen Elizabeth Way,
she was dressed to the nines.

I know she doesn't remember this now,
The women never remember the good or best of times you've had with them,
Not in the ways that continue to heat your single sheets for years after,
As a lonely man, occupied as ever with the day to day of nothing but words.

Blond haired blue eyed girl,
Come back to me...
I know you won't,
But 2003, the place it began,
could be the place where it will end...


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