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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


by Christopher J. Bradley
July 12, 2006

I discovered IRC the same year I became homeless,
In a way it may have saved my life.
It gave me something to talk about with the other street people anyway.

I wandered the streets for 4 months,
thinking I was saving other people,
when in reality other people were saving me.

Even the guy who hit me in the face 4 times,
may have been saving me,
It was wildly apparent,
that his punches were pulled,
either that, or God stayed his hand.

Following that I lived in a half way house for 4 months,
with some equally creepy residents.
The only one there who made me feel welcome,
was my roomate, named R. Lamar,
who had done his share of Prison time,
and had found the life he had at present to be one of ease.

I don't know how this all fits into the bigger picture yet,
but it hasn't been written yet,
I tried to stay in touch with my IRC friends via wiki and updates,
to the encyclopedia.

I spent some time on the personal computers provided to us,
building a personal profile, while I was on the street.
The profile included links to all of my existing writings,
Even some that have not been printed yet.


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