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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mighty Taco - The Key

Mighty Taco - The Key
by Christopher J. Bradley
(c)2006 July 12

Mighty Taco,
The place where beef meets taco wrap,
The place where a super mighty,
Can take you away for a half hour of bliss,
with a nice cold Wild Cherry Pepsi.

At least it used to,
back in the days when I worked at Computer City,
the world was so hot that summer,
dreaming back to 96,
when all I had to do was check out boxes,
that held computers,
and cargo related to computers.

Flash forward 8 years,
and Superman Returns is out,
the man of steel makes his appearance on the big screen,
An indelible fixture in Americana,
And i'm sitting across from Andy in Mighty Taco,
worshiping the Taco gods,
and thinking,

There's got to be more to Aztec living,
than american beef with spices,
But then,
I've been wrong before.


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