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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why didn't I mention her?

Why didn't I mention her?
by Christopher J. Bradley

Why didn't I mention her?
Its not going anywhere
Its not going anywhere,
Its not going anywhere.

And then it does,
For just a little bit.
It goes,
Just there,
Just to a kiss, or a pat on the behind,
or a hug.

Nothing big,
but there is no heat there,
no heat like before,
no heat in the frozen sheets of our love,

I suspect she's got multiple internet friends,
That keep her satisfied,
I don't think I've ever met a girl so patently sexless,
and yet for so much time I was addicted to her mystery.

I am beginning to wonder,
At times if she is playing on the other team,
Just purposefully wasting my time,
and seeing if I will die before I accomplish my work.

That's why I didn't mention her.

You aren't going to see massive ballads in her honor,
You aren't going to see much of anything happen from my pen,
As relates to her,
The roadside attractions have always been more keen to me,
The ones you meet overnight in the coffee houses,
who's father's threaten to kill you the next day,
those are the ones, that have always appealed to me,
The ones that are roughly my age, maybe even a little older,
That have that killer instinct and star quality about them.

I guess that's why I didn't mention her.


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