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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mr Ohio Where Have You Gone?

Mr Ohio Where Have You Gone?
by Christopher J. Bradley
(c)2006 July 12

Mr. Ohio where have you Gone?
Its been so long since we partied,
so long since we took that walk into Toronto's Ninsei,
Or spent any time in the Latvian Embassy with that Crazy Brit Steve,

While the world glowed in the Frenetic Jungle Ghetto pace,
with people swinging their arms like Cavemen to the beat,
or a girl under the table having sex with him,
God, he told me later that she was bisexual,
What a revelation that could have been if I'd only had the balls.

In any case,
Mr. Ohio,
where have you gone,
You've flown off to Normal,
to have your bird research days,
and hang out with your Doctorate society friends,
and spend time out there,
somewhere I can never be.

Don't you remember sending me that post card from South America,
telling me you'd be coming home soon?
Mr. Ohio, where is home?
You have to come home to your family,
Its just them left now, your mother and your father,
They miss you I'm certain as much as I do.

They gave you the continents of the world, and you've explored most of them,
except for perhaps asia and Antartctica,
and now it is time to come home,
Graduate and come home,
before it is too late,
and the nightmares begin,
so that you don't have to fly that field,
None of us have to fly that field,
a black winged gull,
with a broken back.

Mr. Ohio,
I know you can hear us,
Come home,

Come home.


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