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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

dark lover

Dark Lover
by Christopher j. Bradley
(c)2006 12 July

By todays standards,
and the hate and animosity on both sides,
It was so wrong of me to put you through that so many years ago,
I remember sitting with you in my car,
and we kissed so deeply,
before the end of my time in Niagara falls,
before I went on to find an engagement,
I even kept a picture of you in my wallet.

You were dark and beautiful,
Like the women on the covers of Vibe and Ebony,
and If I had only known what it would take to hold you to me,
I might have made it happen,
But then we got into that ridiculous argument about sinead,
and I realize now that I was wrong,
to the very day I saw you,
In that old department store building,
and then never again.


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