The Next Big Thing

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


(c)2006 July 12
by Christopher J. Bradley

for some reason,
I've always kept quiet about the bocce girl,
the one I met and took down to the basement to wash clothes,
she was so intimate with that first kiss at the high school dance,
Of course I'm not supposed to kiss and tell,
but it doesn't much make a difference 20 some odd years later or does it?

I wonder if she still gets hot over me,
Those times we played near the oven in her parent's kitchen,
House was a wonderful game,
They would hardly ever let us get alone for more than a few moments.

Sbe's got lovely kids now and a second husband i take it,
I always think - thank god I wasn't smoking then,
But you never know, she may have really loved me then,
Bocce, Bocce, bring little italy with you when you take your grand adventure,
And for god sakes keep them away from Vegas,

That's the last thing you need.

All my love Bocce...


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