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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Unicorn

The Unicorn
by Christopher J. Bradley
(c)2006 July 12

The real story of the unicorn
and why she never survived in my ark
had to do with how we met
more than anything else,

It was over Bacardi 151,
she was the perfect specimen,
there was no other like her,
And we played cards and made magic in a strobe light,

And for all I know,
I could have ended up dead that night,
she had a boyfriend too,
For some reason at 19 and with enough liquour,
You just don't care.

She fell into my arms and it was all over for me,
I held on to her for 3 months,
And had to let her go to her ambitions to marry,
It still makes me wonder when I looked into the eyes,
Of those canadian children in the wallet photograph,
brought to me while I was drinking in the Essex Pub,

could I have made that difference?

But then Hillary said they were young,
and so many years later,
That the Unicorn,
Couldn't have had,
my child.


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